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You will be part of the development team in which you will fulfill a leading role only gained by excellent performance. Talking highly specific technical details as well as discussing general business outcomes, you comfortably translate customer requirements into a distinguished design. You dedicate yourself to security, deployment, performance, caching, sizing, scalability and serviceability.

You know our projects are to be delivered according to briefing, time and budget, but you also know our technicians need their space to build the solutions you"ve defined. By creating structure and clear explanations, you provide guidance and oversight to your team.

Also part of the job is creating technical architecture documentation; working with the QA lead to define the test strategy; leading DevOps to define and implement CI/CD pipelines; ensuring that implementations meet non-functional requirements, and you will be travelling a significant amount of the time, spending time on-site during the inception phase and when providing training and workshops.

? Your knowledge of the Java platform exceeds our expectations;

? Experienced in Spring, Maven and Jenkins;

? You have a demonstrable understanding of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), as well as Micro-Services Architecture;

? JavaScript frameworks, MVC patterns and principles of REST APIs, ideally including RAML and/or OpenAPI, are second nature to you;

? When we ask you about architectural frameworks, you easily dig up your knowledge and best practices;

? You have professionally worked with Enterprise Integration Patterns and Frameworks;

? And let"s not forget your broad, operational knowledge of application servers, databases, load balancers and other infrastructure components required to deploy web applications in a highly available and scalable environment;

? Last but not least, you have excellent communication and presentation skills in English.

Trabalho 100% remoto mesmo após pandemia. Trabalhará no horário do México.


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  1. Escolaridade Mínima: Ensino Superior
  2. Inglês (Avançado)

Área e especialização profissional

Informática, TI, Telecomunicações - Arquitetura de Soluções

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Tipo de Contrato y Jornada

Período Integral. Efetivo – CLT

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