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* Enabling our customers to setup their environments from test to production;

* Designing, developing and overseeing the implementation of solutions that improve the stability, scalability, availability and latency;

* Working hand in hand with our customers onsite (around 50% of the time you will be travelling internationally);

* Taking ownership of project deliverables;

* Creating solutions rather than workarounds;

* Configuring CI & CD systems;

* Ensuring reliability by automation;

* Giving advice on latest security standards;

* Pin-pointing bottlenecks and optimizing performance;

* Resolving incidents and problems;

* Collaborating with our R&D team to improve our product;

* Being a real DevOps Advocate.

* Bachelor / University degree or equivalent;

* You have been in a client facing position before and feel comfortable in an advisory role;

* You have outstanding analytical skills

* You have designed and/or built mission critical services (large scale internet or cloud-based services);

* Shell, scripting and Python programming experience;

* Expertise with Linux / Unix systems;

* Experience with any of configuration management tools (such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt);

* Experience with any of continuous integration server (such as Bamboo, Jenkins, TeamCity, GoCD);

* You love efficiency and find smart ways to automate tasks for you and your team;

* Knowledge of cloud computing concepts, experience with AWS, or Azure, or GCE;

* Solid understanding of systems monitoring, alerting and analytics (Zabbix, NewRelic, Cactai, Graphite, Log Stash, Nagios, Ganglia etc.);

* Must have working knowledge of Maven and Jenkins;

* Proven experience with production systems and dealing with production issues;

* Driven, focused self-starter who takes ownership;

* Extensive knowledge and experience with automation tools;

* Experience deploying to application servers such as Jetty, Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere in enterprise environments, and working with Relational and NoSQL Databases;

* Experienced with using Agile development methodologies;

* Excellent communication skills in English (written and spoken).

Trabalho 100% remoto. Trabalhará no horário do México.


-. Assistência Médica

-. Vale-Refeição

-. Seguro de Vida

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  1. Escolaridade Mínima: Ensino Superior
  2. Inglês (Avançado)

Área e especialização profissional

Informática, TI, Telecomunicações - Programador / Desenvolvedor

Nível hierárquico


Tipo de Contrato y Jornada

Período Integral. Efetivo – CLT

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